Recipe of the month

Plancha with grilled vegetables

Plancha with grilled vegetables

For six people

2 zucchini
3 eggplants
4 tomatoes
2 bigsweet onions
100g of parmesan cheese ( thinly-sliced)
12 thin slices of grison meat ( air-dried beef) of raw ham

Basil sauce
20 basil leaves
2 garlic cloves
olive oil

Cut the vegetables in slices of 2 cm thick.
Grill them and finish in the oven with pure sea salt, pepper and olive oil let cool.
Present on a plate, giving volume. Add the parmesan slices, the grison meat and drizzle with basil sauce.

Recipe of the month

Flaky pastry cake with salmon

Flaky pastry cake with salmon

The day before, marinate the thinly-sliced salmon, with salt, pepper, lemon juice, orange juice and their zest.
Make a flaky pastry cake of 15cm diametre.
Bake over 170° c (crisp).
Sprinkle sliced cucumber with salt, then rince and dry them.
Whip light cream fleurette, season. Add thinly-sliced mint and a coffee spoon of mustard.
Add the well dried cucumber, mix presentation.
Cut the flaky pastry cake in two parts. Garnish the first one with creamed cucumber. Add the sliced salmon coat with the second part.
Serve cold.

Recipe of the month

Piperade with scallops, orange vinaigrette

Piperade with scallops, orange vinaigrette

The piperade
Slice the sweet peppers ( 2 colours) and white onions.
Cook over a low heat with olive oil, one hour season with salt, pepper and espelette pepper.

The scallops
Poach the scallops in an aromatic stock.
Mould the piperade in a circle to give the shape.
Add a rosette of warm thinly-sliced scallops.
Take away the circle, prepare a vinaigrette with hazelnut oli, orange caramel and orange zest.
Drizzle the scallops with the vinaigrette just before serving.

Recipe of the month

Braised curly kale with foie gras

Prop for 6 p
1 beautiful curly kale
1 foie gras 500/600 g
Salt pepper

Blanch the curly kale 5/6 mn in salted boiling water.
Peel the ribs.
Prepare an earthenware or grass terrine.
Cut the foie gras in slices of 2 or 3 cms, put salt and pepper on them generously.
Alternate layers of several curly kale leaves with slices of foie gras, finish turning down the cabbage on the last slices of foie gras.
Cook in a Bain Marie 180° 40 mn.
Serve 10 mn after taking off the oven.

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